Why Carston?

The moment I moved to Bothell...

... Six years ago, I found my home. Born and raised in Everett, I've never lived in a city where strangers have heartfelt conversations at the mailbox and grocery store. People make Bothell special.

I have a degree in Geology from Western Washington University and professional experience in environmental engineering and salmon habitat conservation in local government. In 2019, I was appointed to the Bothell Planning Commission as its youngest ever member and only renter by a prior council, helping to guide protection of critical natural areas. I have been continuously elected by peers to Vice Chair of the commission since 2020. This year, I was reappointed by a new City Council with broad trust to continue connecting with our neighbors on land use and housing issues.

I'm plugged into various volunteer communities around Bothell beside Planning Commission:

As a young person working a union wage job, I'm acutely aware of how hard it is to afford the quickly growing cost of living in Bothell.

My experience living under housing cost burden has made me a keen financial steward;  I'm a cautious spender and thoroughly vet budgets.

Working on regional environmental issues every day, I feel the pressure to minimize impacts of climate change on now and future Bothellites.

I know how local government works and how public feedback and values can be incorporated into planning processes while understanding change is a constant.

Professional Licenced Geologist WA#21034814

Sound Transit Community Oversight Panelist (East King Co. Representative)

Prior Steering Member of Bo-POP Bothellites for People-Oriented Places

Natural Resources Planner
Snohomish County Surface Water Mgmgt.